Online Yoga Group Classes One Month Package (08 Sessions)


Exclusive Online Group Classes Package (Max. 5 Person Male & Female Online Yoga Group sessions).
Interactive Online Yoga Sessions (60 Minutes Each).
Freedom to choose your available timings and days (3 sessions/week).
Package is valid for One Month (Get additional discount on renewal).
Enroll Now & Get Free Demo Class.
Instant Refund any time, if you don’t like the experience

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This introductory package for the beginners looking to explore their yoga journey with our flexible online yoga classes. These 12 Online Private Yoga sessions (60 Minutes each) is valid for one month from the date of purchase and 3 sessions in a week. Online Yoga Classes will be provided only for 1 person. Learn Yoga Styles such as Ashtanga Yoga, Hatha Yoga, General Yoga, Kriya, Physical Postures (Asanas), Advance Asanas, Handstand, Different Balancing Asanas, Meditation/Awareness Techniques (Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana),Breathing (Pranayama),Cleansing Techniques (Shaktkarmas, Shatkriyas),Relaxation Techniques (Yoga Nidra),Teaching Beginners Yoga (General),Physical Fitness (Movement & Flow),Yoga Therapy, Spiritual Growth, Relaxation will be covered in this online private yoga classes. If you are looking forward to feel the benefits of yoga for general health and fitness then this package is exclusive designed for the new beginners.


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